Spa vacation at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Spa Vacation Heaven at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

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by Michelle Catin – During your next visit, make sure you treat yourself to an AWE-mazing spa vacation experience at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande’s Awe-Spa. I dare you to think of a better way to squeeze in some extra R&R during your Palace Resorts vacation.

My recent visit to Ocho Rios led me to one of the best spa vacation experiences I ever had. But that’s the kind of service you expect from Palace Resorts.

The experience

I arrived an hour before my appointment and I was introduced to my friendly spa valet. I changed into my swimsuit, put on a comfy robe, threw on the bath slippers and I was ready for pampering. First up was the Water Journey, a much-needed pilgrimage through a world of saunas, steam rooms and showers. . . oh my. This. Is. Heaven. Not to mention Jamaica’s largest spa with 23 treatment rooms.

The Water Journey is a complimentary service and is typically enjoyed an hour prior to your Awe-Spa treatment. Your spa valet guides you through different hydrotherapy areas and relaxing experiences, such as the sauna, a revitalizing shower, the steam room, a dip in the pool, jet massages, a rest on a thermal lounger and so on. There are an infinite combination of relaxing possibilities, making any king or queen feel like they are at home in their Palace.

After making the rounds in the hydrotherapy circuit, I was ready for a Citrus Massage. A 55-minute, full body massage with a slathering of aromatic citrus balm that invigorates and energizes the body and mind. I prefer relaxing massages over deep tissue, making this soothing treatment perfect for me. The therapist even asked if there were any areas that needed extra attention, of which she spent some time kneading the stress out of my right shoulder. This was truly one the best, and most relaxing, experiences at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande.

Making an appointment at the Awe-Spa? Here are a few things to consider for your spa vacation:

  • Dress code: Swimsuit. Spa robe and bath slippers are provided.
  • Arrive at least one hour prior to your appointment so you have plenty of time to enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit. If need be, you can also enjoy it after your treatment.
  • To book an appointment you can speak with a Palace Vacation Planner during your visit.

Do you love the Awe-Spa just as much as I do? Share your Awe-Spa experience by commenting below.

Michelle Catin
Michelle Catin is the eCommerce director of segments and social media, overseeing digital strategies for weddings, travel agents and social media. When she's not living The Palace Life, she's busy with yoga, riding her bike and perfecting her curry recipe.

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