April 2021 Cancun Featured News Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun Restaurants

A world-class, fine dining experience that offers international vibrant cuisines.

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun has recently rolled out new menus that create an unforgettable, over-the-top culinary experience for guests. At Blanc International, guests can enjoy a culinary trip around the world, including Mexican delicacies à la carte. One of the new dishes is the Veracruz-style lobster. This colorful and flavorful dish is prepared with fresh tomato sauce, olives and capers served alongside sautéed potatoes and octopus chorizo. Guests can enhance their experience by pairing their dish with one of the chef-recommended cocktails, the Mexican Mule. The popular drink, which has made its way into Mexico, is just as good as the original, with a fascinating twist—Mexico’s staple, tequila—along with sour lime and snappy ginger.

Shifting hemispheres, Blanc Asia, where disciplined and artful preparation meets the finest and freshest ingredients, now serves Akira rolls filled with avocado, cucumber, and kanikama and with savory shrimp on the outside that will leave guests craving more.

Hopping over to the western edge of Europe we have Lumière, where guests can have a taste of elegant, flavorsome French cuisine. Dishes include Agneau, a succulent and juicy rack of lamb served with fermented eggplant purée, garlic confit, and green peas in a golden buttery sauce called beurre noisette. Guests can pair the decadent dish with one of our signature cocktails, Moulin Rouge—orange bitters with blackberry liqueur that boost the maple-nutmeg aromas of the bourbon drink. This fine-dining experience will leave guests speechless.

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