Five Do’s and Don’ts on Your Valentine’s Day Trip

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Avoid romantic hazards and concentrate on alone time while on vacation.

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and before it gets here, it’s important to talk about the pitfalls to avoid and the surefire tips that you’d do well to note on your romantic getaway in order to avoid the risk of arriving in love limbo instead of Valentine bliss.

One thing is certain, if you want to keep your love strong, make sure to travel together, as a U.S. Travel Association survey found that getaways help strengthen romance and intimacy.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Don’t plan Valentine’s Day around YOUR favorite activity

Sure, unlimited golf is great but that doesn’t mean you should set up a couples tee time at Moon Palace Cancun’s Jack Nicklaus Signature 27-hole golf course if your partner isn’t a fan, especially on the most romantic day of the year.

Do plan something you BOTH CAN ENJOY

Make sure to plan activities you both will appreciate and the options on a romantic getaway are plentiful. Take excursions to tour Mayan temples together, dip in romantic waterfalls, or scuba dive.

2. Don’t talk about the great deal you got on their Valentine Gift

“I got you that necklace for $2 at a flea market!” and “Can you believe we booked five nights for the price of four in Jamaica” are not exactly the words that engender infinite adoration, even if they make you feel giddy inside. Some things are best left unsaid, at least until you get back home.

Do emphasize the uniqueness of what you gave

Nothing wrong with going to a local craft market when traveling to pick up a present, but make sure what you buy for your someone special follows suit. Handmade jewelry and local threads that reflect native culture are among the best ways to build memories on your trip. The local market in Ocho Rios and Mercado 23 in Cancun are spots not to miss as you can get everything from paintings to dresses and even cheese!

3. Don’t give a homemade certificate for massages or similarly transparent gift

Nothing says, “I forgot to get you a legitimate present” like a hastily printed out “Certificate for One Month of Free Massages from Yours Truly!”

Do give a day at the spa!

There is absolutely no excuse for not scheduling spa time at any Palace Resorts’ Awe Spa. Go for your tried-and-true hydrating wraps, deep-tissue massages, luxurious facials, or, if you are feeling adventurous, partake in an Aromatic Coffee Wrap, Cozumel Fish Spa Pedicure or Kukulcan Mayan Massage.

4. Don’t party (or eat) too much!

Slow down on those cocktails at the bar, put down that extra glass of wine during dinner, and for heaven’s sake, share dessert. This is a night to be attentive and sensitive and those qualities will be in short supply if you are overly inebriated or bloated.

Do Leave Early and Make Sure You Have Plenty of Alone Time!

Alone time is key to a romantic Valentine’s Day and Night. Find out about reserving a romantic dinner for two on the beach, take a moonlight walk, or plan other one-on-one activities.

5. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to be ROMANTICALLY LAZY!

We get it, offspring can drain every essence of your being, including your romance quotient; but letting rugrats quell your burning desire is certain to build resentment the entire family over.

Do include kids in daytime activities, but give them something to do at night

Bringing your kids on a family trip to the beach or pool is a great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day together, so long as you find something for them to do come nighttime!

With eight oceanfront resorts overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Palace Resorts sets the highest standards for five-star all-inclusive vacations in Mexico and Jamaica.

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