Embracing the Roots of Tradition During National Rum Day – Jamaican Style

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Responsible for the American Revolution – Jamaican Rum Gave Us Freedom

At Palace Resorts guests don’t need an additional incentive to continue the celebration of love, live and happiness. Traditions are important cultural lessons one experiences within each visiting destination and in Jamaica – National Rum Day was no different. It is said that Jamaican rum started the American Revolution or simply put another way: Rum is responsible for freedom. After learning the role of Jamaican rum in the creation of the US, it is obvious that rum was being produced before America came to be. But by how much? Appleton Estate has been in operation since the 1600s and has been distilling rum since 1749 – that’s more than a quarter of a century before the birth of the US in 1776. While it may not be written on history books across America, at Moon Palace Jamaica guests can sign up for the Appleton Estate tour – Jamaica’s oldest distillery – directly on-site with the resorts expert planners.

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