Beach Palace Revamps Menu at SMOKEHOUSE with New, Mouthwatering Flavors

Beach Palace Food May 2021 Mexico Restaurants

The latest menu at SMOKEHOUSE offers an authentic, smoked BBQ experience surrounded by Caribbean Sea breezes.

With the motto “the slower, the better,” SMOKEHOUSE aims to emphasize the deliciousness of their slow and succulent BBQ technique by grilling with only the best ingredients. The restaurant uses applewood and hickory to produce a unique, bold aroma and smoky flavors as well as only using the best-quality meat, Certified Angus Beef®. Guests will find unique dishes such as Pork Ribs in Adobo, a dish with a great depth of flavor and a hint of smoky-yet-spicy sweetness, accompanied by grilled corn and homemade potato wedges. Seafood lovers have the choice of Char-Grilled Octopus marinated in guajillo chili sauce alongside cauliflower purée and sauteed vegetables.

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