Alkimia at Playacar Palace

Playacar Palace

An unforgettable and interactive dining experience

A testament to Palace Resorts’ ability to redefine the notion of what an all-inclusive resort can and should offer, Playacar Palace’s Alkimia is a sensory dining experience like no other. Combining elaborate gastronomy with audiovisual spectacle, Alkimia features a variety of innovative cooking techniques including liquid nitrogen, low temperature cooking and more brought to life via top-tier production technology. An intimate experience for up to 10 guests, the two-hour culinary journey is perfectly complemented by soothing musical sounds and orchestrated lighting with surprising touches such as dining in the dark, guided pairings and more. Six of these dishes give you a full-on sensory experience with “dark dining”- as guests are asked to put on dark glasses. When booking a stay at Playacar Palace, guests are encouraged to reserve their experience in advance. The dining spectacle is available twice per day.

With eight oceanfront resorts overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Palace Resorts sets the highest standards for five-star all-inclusive vacations in Mexico and Jamaica.

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  1. We are a family of 9 that will be staying at Playacar Palace Dec 25 – Jan 4. Can we please reserve this experience in advance? Preferably for dinner.

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